2020 - 2021 Film Studies 1 Americana 7:00 pm

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Tuesday October 13

7:00 PM  –  9:00 PM

Film Studies 1 Americana: Stories of American Art and Culture from the Early Twentieth Century

October 13 – November 10, 2020, 7:00 pm

This course presents a series of films that complements the Avery to Warhol exhibition and highlight the spirit of American culture between 1850 and 1950.  We will sample films that exemplify a few of our wonderful writers and painters from this era.  In the film, “Last Call,” come learn about the troubled genius of F. Scott Fitzgerald as he struggled to complete his final triumph, an unfinished novel begun during his last 20 months and published posthumously, later to be known as The Last Tycoon.  The framework for “Last Call” is derived from the personal memoir of his assistant and secretary during those last days, when she served as his confidante and sounding board, to create a work that was possibly his most famous and enduring. 

*There will be no moderated discussion for Film Studies 1