2020 - 2021 Film Studies 4 Behind the Battlefield 7:00 pm HGH

Tuesday February 9

7:00 PM  –  9:00 PM

Film Studies 4 Behind the Battlefield: Personal Stories in Times of War

February 9 – March 9, 2021, 7:00 pm

War is a subject that continues to both haunt and intrigue people. Some of these films were created from true stories that traveled down the family tree over many generations, finally coming to cinematic fruition. Others are newly inspired, stemming from the public’s never-ending curiosity and thirst for more knowledge.  International films in this series turn the focus from the bloody battlefield to human interest stories times of strife, and the possible lessons we might take away.  One of these is a French film, “Un Sac de Billes,” a remarkable, a factual account of one family’s survival, through determination, and a lot of love.