2023-2024 Film Studies - Fabulous Fables and Fairy Tales 1:30 pm

Tuesday January 9

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1:30 PM  –  3:30 PM

Fabulous Fables and Fairy Tales: How Legend and Lore Shape Our Culture

 January 9 – February 6, 2024, 1:30 pm

Jean Cocteau once said that a legend is entitled to be beyond time and place. With these five films from places like Denmark, France, and Spain, it is obvious that legends and myths have influenced people from the world over and are still relevant today. In modern times, as well as centuries past, storytelling was designed to put our bodies and minds into alignment. The same lessons are seen in stories that we are familiar with from our childhood, and into adulthood, serving to link the human in us with the divine. One fabulous fairy tale that does just that is Snow White – this time titled Blancanieves (2012) and transposed into 1920s Seville, Spain.