Artist Lecture - Karen LaMonte

Thursday November 5

12:00 PM  –  1:00 PM

Artist Lecture: Karen LaMonte

November 5, 2020, 12pm

$20 members, $25 non-members

Karen LaMonte’s Reclining Dress Absence (2015), in the VBMA’s collection, rests at the intersection of complex and conflicting ideas. The translucent surface seems to reveal nothing, a void. The dress fossilizes the form of an absent body. This sculpture illuminates themes the artist has explored throughout her career: examining the interplay between public and private personas, and the effect of atmosphere and environment on identities. Known for figurative sculpture in glass, bronze and iron, recently LaMonte has begun working with Italian marble.  Much of LaMonte’s focus now centers on clouds, weather and climate change; elements that, in keeping with themes she has explored before, shape and reflect our identities, life-styles—our very existence.  During this live zoom presentation, the artist will discuss the VBMA’s sculpture, her career, oeuvre, and some aspects of her artistic process. *Lecture is not recorded.